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Monthly Sticker Kit #147 - All Sizes - KIT147 "Ladybug Picnic"

Monthly Sticker Kit #147 - All Sizes - KIT147 "Ladybug Picnic"

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This listing is for monthly planner sticker kits designed for the following planners: Standard vertical (7x9), A5 Wide, A5, B6, Happy Planner, Makse Life, Penny Pages, Academic Planners, Avalon & Ninth, PP Weeks.

Before purchasing, please review the options below to ensure you know how the sizing is determined for each sheet.



Monthly base kits are designed with generic sizing that can be used with many planners with a little bit of modification. Header sticker sizes are indicated below in sheet descriptions. The only tools needed to modify the sizing are a ruler and a craft knife or scissors.

Kits include 2 thin strips of washi that can be placed over or just below the header image to act as a bar for the days of the week.

Header Sizes:

M1 (7x9): 6.45w x 1.55h

M3 (A5): 5.17w x 1.22h (fits Penny Pages A5 without modification)

M5 (B6): 4.625w x 1h (fits Penny Pages and Academic Planners B6 without modification)

M6 (A&N Weeks): 3.09w x 0.75h (fits A&N Weeks without modification)

M7 (Penny Weeks/Pennichi): 3.11w x 1.1h (fits Penny Weeks/Pennichi without modification)



M1) 7x9 monthly base bit

M2) 7x9 monthly labels

M3) A5 monthly base kit

M4) A5 monthly labels

M5) B6 monthly kit

M6) A&N Weeks monthly kit

M7) Penny Weeks/Pennichi monthly kit

M8) Reading Add-On

M9) Washi Strips


Coordinating weekly kits and functionals available! Script headers to match monthly kits can be found in the Scripts section.

Please note: colors may vary slightly between monitors.

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